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why you not发音




why not───为何不…(用来提建议)

what do you know───你知道什么



what you will───你会怎么做

how do you dos───你好吗

try your wings───试试你的翅膀

what do you want───你想要什么;你想怎么样


Might I enquire why you have not mentioned this until now?───请问你为什么直到现在才提及此事呢?

If you love each other, why not get married?───要是你们彼此相爱,干吗不结婚呢?

If you are selling your property, why not call us for a free valuation without obligation.───如果你打算出售房产,为什么不打电话让我们做个免费的评估呢。

"Why, you not is say to forgive me? " Is evil to resist evil block ahead the white works properly a body, deeply furrow up sword eyebrow.───“为什么,你不是说原谅我了吗?”魔御邪挡在白灵身前,深深的皱起剑眉。

Why you not told me when you will leave this ? !───为什么不告诉我当你将离开这?!

Laosha, why you not find a job and marry a wife?───老沙,你怎么不找个工作,取个老婆啊

now look at all the pain I caused this Santa Clause, why you not coming this year again what did I do that was so bad to deserve this───现在看上去所有的痛苦是圣诞老人造成的,为什么你第二年不来了,我到底做了什么坏事要承受