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do justice to───公平对待;使…的价值充分发挥;适当处理

let it go───任它去,放下

it just goes to show───它只是去显示


We all just need to find the courage to swim in the mystery of it all, to let go, and to love.───只要我们有勇气,就能够探索爱情的奥秘,能够轻轻松松,能够真的去爱。

When we can't let go of anything, it all just piles up and creates a mess in our lives.───当我们无法妥善处理,事情只会越积越多,使我们的生活变得杂乱无章。

We had our fun but it's time to let go and just be happy that we had it while we did.───我们曾经从中得到欢乐,但现在是放手的时候了。让我们满足于曾经拥有的快乐时光吧。

Either we stick together to maintain this relationship, or else we just let it go.───要么就一起坚持的维持这段感情,要么就放手。