enlightening experience信息详情

enlightening experience发音




enriching experience───丰富经验;充实经历

learning experience───学习经验

driving experience───驾驶经验;驾驶体验

extensive experience───丰富的经验;广泛经验

limited experience───经验有限

relive an experience───重温经历

amazing experience───了不起的经历;惊人的经历;奇妙的体验

authentic experience───真实体验

bitter experience───痛苦的经历


It is an enlightening experience (for your columnist, at least).───这是一次极有启发性的体验(至少对于你们专栏作家)。

Swimming with dolphins can be a therapeutic and enlightening experience.───和海豚一起游泳可以对身心健康有益并且可以开启体验。

Finding yourself is an enlightening experience.───发现自我是一个启迪的体验。

I did not know at the time, however, that it could bring about an enlightening experience.───当时,我并不知道这个嗜好会让我领悟到一些事情。

My own undergraduate years were far from the liberating, enlightening experience that my students imagine.───我个人的大学时代一点都不自由,毫无乐趣。

If you do, I can promise you it will be a pleasant and enlightening experience.───我敢保证你的旅行一定十分愉快,且收获颇丰。


Trying two or three jobs at once can be an enlightening experience.