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flash memories───闪速存储器

flash meter───闪光计

flash meters───闪光计

flashbulb memory───闪光灯记忆

plastic memory───塑性记忆

cache memory───[计]高速缓冲存储器;快取记忆体

flash Harry───快闪哈利

flash mob───快闪族

flash mobs───快闪族;快闪暴走族


Command data for controlling the flash memory device is input to the controller 218.───用于控制快闪存储器装置的命令数据输入到控制器218.

It emphasizes the designs of flash memory management program and needle selection data collecting program.───重点阐述了下位机存储管理程序和电子选针过程的数据读取程序的设计.

The command data informs the flash memory of what operation is requested.───命令数据通知快闪存储器请求何种操作.

There is also some diversity among FLASH memory products with respect to the programming method.───另外还有一些FLASH的差异,即写入的方式.

Preferably experienced in the sales of Flash Memory IC, ARM, MCU etc.───有销售存储器, 单片机及ARM等集成电路的工作经验.

Unusual flash memory stick designed to look like a chocolate bar.───与众不同的闪存记忆棒,设计成看上去就像一根巧克力棒的样子。

Supports different size of memory and Samsung advanced 1 G, 2 G, and 4 G bit flash memory . 2.───2支持不同大小的闪存和三星先进的第一代, 第二代, 和4G位元快闪记忆体.

The answer is flash memory.───答案是闪存。

The memory chip selected large capacity Flash memory to realize mass memory of the voice data.───存储芯片选用了大容量FLASH闪 速存储器,可以实现语音数据的海量存储.

The invention improves the reading and writing speed of flash memory greatly.───本发明大大提高了闪存的读写速度.

All the controlling program can be downloaded to 4 K byte flash memory in single chip computer.───AT89C51单片机内含128字节RAM和 4K字节快闪存储器(FlashMemory),因此,全部控制程序可装入单片机.

This system uses a type of high - capacity flash memory 29 F 040 as a data - storage.───该系统采用了一种新型的大容量闪存29F040作为数据存储器.

This ultra-compact Handycam uses flash memory.───这款超小巧的手持相机使用闪存。

The company will comprise the flash memory units of Intel and STMicro.───新公司由英特尔和意法半导体的闪存部门组成.

The company unveiled a more advanced flash memory chip able to store a whopping 64 gigabytes.───公司将对外公布一个能够存储640亿字节的动画存储器片.

It was used JTAG interface to download the program to the FLASH memory of C 8051 F 020.───并把程序用JTAG接口下载 到C8051F020的FLASH存储器中.

Flash memory write error. Reset the power switch.───闪烁记忆写入错误, 关闭电源再重开.

Flash memory is used for downloaded logos, additional fonts, and other graphic elements.───闪存可供存储下载的标志 、 字体和其它几何图形.

Flash memory is common in systems that require nonvolatile data storage at very low cost.───闪存用在需要很便宜的非易失数据存贮器的地方,一个大容量的闪存甚至被用作磁盘驱动器.


Internal non-removable 512MB flash memory used to storage game save data and downloadable content thus eliminating the Need for a memory card.

Flash memory write error. Reset the power switch.

The company will comprise the flash memory units of Intel and STMicro.

Flash memory offers more than 150 hours of recording time that may be recorded over and used repeatedly with distortion-free clarity.

Flash memory is a type of semiconductor chip used to store data in computers and electronic devices.

Supports both solid state storage card (flash memory) and micro drives.

The answer is flash memory.

Compact Flash memory is about the most robust digital film.

Such a flash memory device is sometimes referred to as a binary flash memory device because each memory element can store one bit of data.