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growing economy───经济增长

sharing economy───分享经济

ailing economy───病态经济;失调的经济

strong economy───强大的经济

faltering economy───摇摇欲坠旳经济

improving economy───改善经济

gig economy───零工经济

global economy───全球经济

local economy───地方经济


At home, companies face a slowing economy, a cultural aversion to takeovers and an ageing and declining population.───但在国内,公司面临的是放缓的经济,文化上对于收购的厌恶以及数量不断减少,日益老龄化的日本人口。

However, economic planners are treading carefully as they weigh the costs of high inflation against those of a slowing economy.───然而,中国经济的规划者在小心地权衡着高通胀与经济放缓之间的利与弊。

But a slowing economy may yet bring more nasty shocks.───但是减速的经济或许还会带来更多严重的冲击。

I think this is all very good business for the Americans, and no doubt a deliberate strategy to help prop up their slowing economy.───我想这对美国人而言是一笔很好的生意,无疑也是一种深思熟虑的策略,有助于提振他们日益放缓的经济。

For his part, Pandit said he recognizes protesters' frustration with high unemployment, huge government debts, and a slowing economy.───潘伟迪称他本人理解抗议者们面对高失业率、高政府负债和经济放缓时产生的沮丧情绪。

Furthermore, China imports (and might have stockpiled) soybeans and other agricultural products that would suffer from a slowing economy.───另外,中国进口的大豆和其他农产品(可能已经囤积了许多)会因缓慢增长的经济而受损。

This positions the company well for 2008 and shows that they're able to execute even in a slowing economy.───“这使得公司在2008年前景很好,并说明他们还可以去执行即使在经济放缓时期”。

According to a recent report by Taiwan media, in the face of a slowing economy, various Taiwanese gangs are now short of money.───据台媒近日报道,在台湾经济萧条的大背景下,黑道势力也深受冲击,各个来钱的门路均变得紧缩。

If these trends continue, it would put the authorities in a delicate position of facing rising inflation but a slowing economy.───如果这些趋势持续下去,中国政府就有可能面临通胀加剧而经济放缓的棘手局面。


Beijing, facing a slowing economy and fearful of social unrest, has been more paternalistic.

But going forward, declines in both exports and imports could be yet another sign of a slowing economy.

That would be good for bond investors, since a slowing economy would help contain inflation.

Some worry that certain pieces of the technology business could be hurt by a slowing economy and stiff price competition.

A slowing economy lessens the threat that inflation will pick up speed.

The results encouraged investors expecting earnings disappointments because of a slowing economy.

Bush's tax cuts and the slowing economy mean that Pentagon policy choices will have to be made this year.

Global services companies will also feel the pinch because the slowing economy.

Several retailers are expected to be takeover candidates as a slowing economy reduces sales and profits, analysts said.