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central government───n.中央政府

central governments───n.中央政府

civilian government───平民政府

elected government───当选的政府

foreign government───外国政府

open government───行政公开

regional government───地方政府;区域政府

republican government───共和政府

presidential government───总统制政体;总统制


Girard commitment, the federal government together with the Queensland Government disaster restoration of critical infrastructure.───吉拉德承诺,联邦政府将与昆士兰州政府共同修复灾区重要基础设施。

Queensland Government for a number of factories is relatively lower taxes, so there are many factories are located in Queensland.───昆士兰政府对于一些工厂收税相对低一些,所以有很多工厂都设在昆州。

Natural resource specialists in the Queensland government in Australia note that weeds can be transported in mulch.───澳大利亚昆士兰州政府自然资源专家指出,杂草可以通过地膜进行传播。

I must notify the Queensland Government when my designated investment with Queensland Treasury Corporation has matured. . .───在昆士兰财政部公司指定投资期限届满时,我必须通知昆士兰州政府。

According to the Queensland Government web page, three quarters of the state was declared a disaster zone.───根据昆士兰的政府网页,该州的四分之三地区都受灾。

The Queensland government is to spend an extra $30 million to reduce this hazardous run-off.───昆士兰地区政府计划再拿出三千万美元,来降低上述污染。