be great in信息详情

be great in发音




be great on───穿上它一定很棒

be death on───擅长…,是…的能手

great on───好极了

to get in───进入

to greaten───变大

go great guns───高速高效地干

to breathe in───吸入;吸气

a great many───很多,许多

the greatest───最好的


He could be great in some other color, say, blue.───他穿其他颜色的衣服会更好看, 比如说蓝色.

But, to be GREAT in my business, I have to EXCEED the customer's expectations!───而要想干得很好,我就必须超出顾客的期望!

He felt he could be great in anything he chose.───他觉得他不管选择哪种事业都能大有作为.

Great librarians are great because they help great people be great in their own way.───伟大的图书馆员们之所以伟大,是因为他们以他们的方式帮助伟大的人们成就伟大。

I know you are going to be great in the play tonight.───我知道你今天晚上的比赛会很成功。